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Uniform Girl. Girls in Sexy Uniforms.

Meet the Girls at St. Mackenzie’s


There’s a new school in town and this one is rocking full of English schoolgirl chicks. Getting up to no good with each other, on their own, and even with their sexy teachers, these sixth formers are the sort you wish had been in your class. Oh yes, this is the amazing new St. Mackenzie’s.

Full of sexy girls you may not have seen anywhere else, they tease to perfection in their school uniforms, gym strips and casual wear. The teachers are not to be ignored too – look out for Miss Elise in particular on your tour there – the sexiest maths teacher I’ve ever encountered.

school girl strip

But the real stars of any school girl fantasy website are of course the pupils themselves, and St. Mackenzie’s does not disappoint. There’s a real air of class with the photos – these could be shot for a fashion magazine, if it weren’t for the girls being so exposed. With some photos being a staggering 3500 x 2300 pixels in size,  that should please even the most particular school uniform devotee. With a video update every 4 days as well, this school site has everything a schoolgirl fan wants, and it’s executed to perfection.

school girl pussy

And if you’re wondering who this perfect specimen of school uniform beauty is…Well her name is Faye and you’ll find her studying at St. Mackenzie’s right now. That’s a very cute little pussy she has under her uniform. And Faye is just one of the seemingly hand-picked schoolgirl beauties waiting inside. Take a look inside and you’ll see what I mean.

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College Girl Cutey

college girl strip

And what a cutey she is! Dressed in that school uniform with neck tie, shirt and kilt, she is just begging to be taught a lesson or two. And I think we’re just the people to teach her. Like a good pupil, she happily follows our instructions…to slowly strip out of that sexy uniform for us. A really gorgeous bit of tease this.

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Fourth Base

baseball girl sexy

Now I have to admit straight away, coming from the mother country where cricket is the game with bat and ball, I don’t know much about baseball. Well, only what I learned from Charlie Brown cartoons and Field of Dreams (you know, “If you build it, they will come” and all that.) But someone tell me if I’m wrong – Are all baseball players sexy little girls like this one? And do they like nothing better to do at the end of a match than to strip out of their uniforms like this honey? Think I might sign up for the satellite sports TV package…

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Racecar Girl

racecar girl

Racecar driving is pedal-to-the-metal exciting, but did you know it was sexy too? Well it is when this girl’s at the wheel. Think she must have won her race, as all she can think about now is stripping off completely in the workshop and showing us everything she has under her hood. Quite an engine she has. Seems she really wants someone to change her oil.

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French Maid gets all Creamy…

melanie walsh uniform

Oh dear, what a state this little french maid is in. Poor Melanie is meant to be cleaning the kitchen. But instead she manages to cover herself in sticky whipped cream. Only one thing for it Melanie…STRIP OUT OF THOSE CLOTHES! And she does…

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Lesbian Schoolgirls

lesbian school girls

Home-baked muffins are not the main thing on the mind of these two cuties. They have another type of cooking they want to be doing…Soon they are sharing a lot more than a tasty morsel with each other, as they strip out of their school uniforms and enjoy each others’ sexy bodies. And we can too. Yummm.

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Driving Me Crazy

sexy driver

In a perfect world, wouldn’t you like your own personal chauffeur? Think of all the things you could do in your limousine while someone else took care of the driving. Watch a sports game, catch up on the latest news. or make thousands buying and selling your stocks and shares from the comfort of your car. Then again there are drivers and there are drivers, as Rachael here proves. I know what I’d be doing in the back of my limo if she was my driver. Wouldn’t it be great if she stripped out of her uniform? Well you’re in luck…

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Mile High Club

air hostess nude

What’s that loud thumping noise? Oh yes, it’s every red blooded male’s heart beat, racing at the sight of a girl in air hostess uniform. And what’s not to love about it? Those sexy heels and  stockings. That black miniskirt, uniform blouse and scarf, and even the hat. All the better as they come off… And that’s EXACTLY what gorgeous cabin crew member Courtney has in-store for us. A body to die for, wouldn’t you want to join the club with her? Check out her photos.

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Showering Schoolgirl

Melanie Walsh school uniform

This college girl can’t wait to get out of her sexy school uniform and into the shower. School blouse, school tie, kilt, stockings and heels…she looks incredible! And she looks even more incredible as she strips for us. She is in so much rush, she starts her shower with her school blouse still on. Super hot wetlook school uniform here. And super hot is the words for our student, Melanie Walsh. See this set and hundreds more at her very own superb tease website, OnlyMelanie.com.

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One Way to Get Off…

lesbian policewoman

This sexy policewoman doesn’t do things by the book. When confronted with sexy jailbait, she gives the girl one final chance to get off the charges…by getting off with her! Yes, lesbian police girls rule, at least in this city they call UltimateUniforms.com. Watch where you put that baton, constable! This copper really goes to town on her poor victim. I wonder what her crime was? Must have been serious, or maybe she enjoys being stripped, fucked and made to lick out a girl in uniform. Check it out here.

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Lovely Hooters

hooters girl tits

How often do you wonder just how many words there are that mean breasts? Boobs, tits, bristols, airbags, melons, mammories, hooters… Oh you don’t wonder about it them? Just me then and yes I do need help (but not quite now, I’m busy typing). Naomi here has the most lovely pair of hooters you may see, and even better that she’s in a Hooter’s waitress uniform. Ooops, I skipped ahead and put up this pic of her without her top on, sorry. Take a look at the gallery here to see with it on…it’s worth a click.

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Sexy Business

sexy business woman

What is it about a young business woman dressed in a tight blouse, high heels, tiny miniskirt, stockings and suspenders? Hmmm think I’ve answered my own question there. And they don’t get much sexier than this gorgeous hottie business woman over on UltimateUniforms. She takes her sweet time picking up that briefcase, and we’re glad about that. Her thighs were made to be displayed, don’t you think? Well she does, as you’ll see in the gallery.

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nurse maid lesbians

Well not quite a nursemaid, more a nurse AND a maid. But still, I’m sure you’re not complaining. This pair of gorgeous young blondes come from the land that is OnlyTease, perhaps the best site on the web for sexy girls teasing in uniforms. They might not go all the way on OnlyTease, but isn’t that the point? That’s why we love them. Take a look at the rest of this nurse and maid set to see what I mean…

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Horsing Around…

jodphur girls

Poor girls! Where are a couple of studs when they needed them? These horny horse women can’t be bothered to wait…they’re totally unstable (get it??) When their boyfriends don’t show that’s the last straw (oh no another one!!) Just one thing for them to do…get it on with EACH OTHER. And when you’re a girl that good-looking, you can’t blame them can’t you?

They’re soon gnawing at the bit (doh!!) stripping each other out of their riding jackets and jodhpurs. The blond can’t wait to get her tongue on her friend’s perfect pussy and ass hole. You don’t get better than this, anywhere. Ultimate Uniforms hits gold in the equestrian again!

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Miss Brown’s School Days

carla brown school girl

College girl Carla Brown is only too keen to show us her sexy school uniform…and what lies beneath. With a heavenly smile and a sensational body that countries have probably fought wars over, no wonder Carla is popular. She even has her own rather good website, unsurprisingly named Only Carla.

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Should I Apologize?

brunette bunnygirl

Well, do you think I should apologize? I mean, this is a girls-in-uniform site and bunny girl is not a uniform is it? Well, unless you’re in Hugh Hefner’s own private bunny girl army – then maybe it would be a uniform. But (a) there’s probably no such thing and (b) even if Hugh did have his own bunnygirl army, all the enemy would have to do was shine some headlamps at them and all the bunnygirls would freeze! Not much use at all when you analyze it…

Anyway,  let’s forget that and instead enjoy the view here of lovely Felix. She’s only too keen to show off those cute bunny ears of hers. And her pert little butt gets plenty of attention too. Felix also decides to display her natural bunny boobs to us, and I’m very glad she did…even if she’s not wearing a uniform. ;)

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Hostess with the Moistest?

air hostess sexy

This air hostess knows exactly how to keep her passengers happy. Dressed in that sexy tight uniform, it’s no surprise she’s a little hot under the collar and determined to get down to some serious first class service. Our stewardess makes the most of a gold dildo (standard issue for air hostesses?), licking it then plunging it into her gorgeous, moist pussy. A perfect figure our girl here, and beautiful huge breasts too. Click Here to Takeoff!

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New Recruit

sexy soldier girl

You have to salute this girl. It’s a tough job being a soldier, especially if you’re female. So you can understand why this new private decided to parade her, errr, privates. When the other new recruits see them, I’m sure they’ll make her feel right at home. A cute blond this one in the sexiest of army uniforms. Another hit from Uniform Zone.

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Pleasure Maid

sexy maid

Why is it French maids get all the plaudits? No need to go to France when we have home-grown kitchen maids like this one. Ooops she’s dropped something on the floor…a perfect excuse to see her up her tiny skirt I’d say. That uniform fits this blond bombshell perfectly. Shame she’s so keen to take it off (well, not really). Take a look at her now.

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sexy gangster

There can’t be many in the underworld as persuasive as this little gangsterette? I mean, if she told you to “Get in the car now!” or “Freeze while I frisk you!”, you wouldn’t exactly resist. Luckily for us gangster girl is off duty, and more keen on showing off her own super sexy “underworld” than making us an offer we can’t refuse. Check out her weapons here: Ultimate Uniforms

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